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Our commitment to SUSTAINABLE DESIGN doesn’t end at Architecture …


The team at BlueGreen Architecture Inc. fully believes in and is dedicated to intelligent, sustainable design solutions. Our commitment to producing architecturally pleasing work while pushing the boundaries of sustainable design has encouraged BlueGreen Architecture Inc. to become involved with a number of sustainable design initiatives. Each of these initiatives seek to improve the built environment and to perserve, and even restore, the natural environment for future generations.


BlueGreen Architecture Inc.’s involvement with this initiative is a testament to our commitment to utilizing innovative sustainable building strategies at all levels of design.


Earthen Living Inc. uses an ancient but proven, all natural building material for contemporary building designs. Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) are composed of soil that is sourced locally and is often the excavated material on site. The team of experts at Earthen Living Inc. provide professional insight and expertise into the continued promotion of CEB usage in Canada.


A partnership between an engineer, architect and contractor, Earthen Living Inc. covers all facets of a construction project offering full-service consultation, design, project management and CEB production.


With a UBC sponsored research program into the usage of local soils and stabilizers, CEBs have the potential to see widespread use throughout Canada. This ancient material is used extensively worldwide including India, France, Australia and the United States (primarily in the south western US).


To find out more about Compressed Earth Blocks and Earthen Living Inc., visit the website at:


BLUEGREEN Living Communities believes that the living community model is the best way to create neighbourhoods that work. Supplying both the physical environment and the guidance in social process, BGLC ensures that residents experience the best in community living, while retaining necessary elements of privacy and individual space.


Sustainable design doesn’t stop at the architectural and mechanical elements of a building. Rather, the future of sustainable design is gravitating towards one of social consciousness and equity.


Contact information and details on how BLUEGREEN Living Communities works can be viewed at the site:


The Living Building Challenge is setting a new standard for sustainable architecture that’s pushing the building industry towards designs that address social, cultural and environmental concerns through innovative methods.


BlueGreen Architecture Inc. fully embraces the Living Building Challenge and strives to incorporate as many of its principles as possible in our designs. BlueGreen Architecture Inc. firmly believes that a wide variety of projects can achieve the challenging guidelines set out by the LBC.


The unique process for certifying a LBC building is that the certification is awarded based on actual performance results, not speculative.