Our philosophy follows four tenets: Sustainability, Commitment, Innovation and Community. We design for permanence in the pursuit of excellence, and in making a difference, excellence is born.

Residential development designed by Bluegreen Architecture

BlueGreen Architecture Inc., with offices in Kamloops and Kelowna, has a total staff of eight and is engaged in a number of high profile sustainability initiatives, resort, lifestyle community, and commercial projects. Thirty years of experience with private sector developments, environmentally sensitive principals, and market trends has led to an intuitive understanding and balance between site, responsible design, user groups and the building. Each office is well conversant with their particular region’s regulatory and construction environment, consultants, market and development community.


By combining the architecture of the familiar with an architecture that embodies the dynamics inherent in the sites sense of place, a significant, exciting and vibrant experience can be crafted.


BlueGreen Architecture Inc. is at the forefront of the green building movement actively working to keep ahead of current trends. Kevin Ryan (MAIBC, LEED AP) is a member of Cascadia and a proponent of the Living Building Challenge. We see each project as an opportunity to investigate and integrate viable environmentally sustainable architectural solutions that are compatible with the clients program.


Constantly questioning current sustainable practices, BlueGreen Architecture Inc. is ushering green ideas into the next generation of building. Currently the firm is partnering with Blue Green Living Communities Inc. in the development and promotion of Living Communities as a more sustainable social housing solution and with Earthen Living Inc. in introducing compressed earth block building to British Columbia.

Commercial building design by BlueGreen Architecture
Our People


BlueGreen Architecture Inc. is a team of committed professionals who each share a personal commitment to fuse our client’s unique needs and desires with a deep respect for the site and environment. With offices in Kamloops and Kelowna our regional experience allows us to provide the client with a knowledge and diversity that uniquely addresses the context of their project.

Our Work


The team at BlueGreen Architecture Inc. fully believes in and is dedicated to intelligent, sustainable design solutions. Our commitment to producing architecturally pleasing work while pushing the boundaries of sustainable design has encouraged BlueGreen Architecture Inc. to become involved with a number of sustainable design initiatives. Each of these initiatives seek to improve the built environment and to preserve, and even restore, the natural environment for future generations.



Multi-family development designed by BlueGreen Architecture